“Sincero is one of my favorite intense fruit  Extra Virgin Olive Oils for that matter every one of the Olive Oils from Viola are lovely.  There are no slackers in this book. Their COLLERUITA-DOP Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is available on our Crossroads Food & Wine site (just click the Home link) was named the top olive oil in the world in 2015 by the Flos Olei Guide.  I have been enjoying and selling these EVOOs for about 8 years now.  Violas goals are to produce EVOO of a quality that competes with the world’s best and year after year they are right up there at the top of the lists.  I use them liberally for a variety of purposes but they are bigger on average which makes them  the ultimate finishing oils… pour them on everything.”  …Uncle Jerry

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Viola Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Italy

“Between Assisi and Spoleto, Foligno hills, covered with majestic olive trees, have always been the background to my family business; the foliage of these age-old trees paints this land green in every season.

Our farm, with about 14 hectares of olive groves, is set at an average altitude of 350 to 500 meters above sea level and there are about 5,000 olive trees in the moraiolo, frantoio and leccino varieties.

Recently, thanks to the collaboration with some local growers, we have managed to increase our olive production, reaching an extension of sixty hectares with about 22,000 olive trees.

The trees grow on sunny steep slopes; the chalky and stony soil, the mild, windy and moderately damp climate make this area ideal for olive growing.”  Marco Viola

Viola Steak or Ahi Tartare

A Really Good Source Of Hawaiian Seafood…

We use EVOO with every thing and particularly enjoy it with sashimi or as the Italians refer to it as Pesce Crudo.  Good seafood is a rare commodity. You do not want to know where most of it comes from. However if you like to entertain we recommend shopping online with the Honolulu Fish Company they are the best source of the top grades of Ahi,  Nairagi, Kajiki, Ono, Opah and Mahi Mahi.  Their Oro Salmon is the preferred choice of chefs around the world.  The quality range is the top 2-3% of the species harvested world wide.  In other words there’s fish and and then there is the Honolulu Fish Company. We’ve been their guest for a tour of the auction in Honolulu it is a fascinating process.  In fact but for a few exceptions the best fish from the waters around Hawaii will get shipped around the world.   Even if you live on the coast there is no comparison at your local grocery!

Here is a link…  http://honolulufish.com/

So what do suggest… of course we love the Ahi with just a little thinly sliced red onion sea salt and a vibrant EVOO.  A great change of pace from Ahi is the Nairagi which is Striped Marlin.  It is not quite as red as the best Ahi but the texture is similar maybe a touch firmer and it is delicious any way you prepare it.  I have used it in my poke recipe instead of Ahi.  If you sear it or grill it don’t over cook it.  All of this seafood is best served raw or very rare. Just a minute orr to on each side and finish it with a drizzle of EVOO.

We are also fond of the Oro Salmon from New Zealand.  It is wonderful as sashimi with a little wasabi and soy sauce.  We also enjoy it with arugula, capers, sea salt, a little lemon juice and EVOO.  In fact when we bring in Ora Salmon from HFC for clients we always end up with scraps from portioning it.  It is some of it is the best meat on the filet but it takes a little patience and a plan to render it .  More often than not I’ll serve it in this simple salad!

The worlds best seafood from the Honolulu Fish Company
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