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Ritual Chocolates started off life in a trendy neighborhood in Denver loaded with wine importers, butchers, coffee shops and even a very good wine maker.  Then to the great distress of the local foodies decided to move back home to Park City, Utah.  The operate their production facility there and have a beautiful cafe in the town.  They built their reputation on being purists.  There are just two ingredients in the chocolate cacao beans and cane sugar.

They take also take the less traveled route by still utilizing a Longitudinal Conching Process which is very time sensitive if you don’t do it right you can lose the entire batch. Ritual has a knack of bringing out the best in the single origin beans they choose to work with.  They will alter the process according to the origins individual traits.  They are not just going through the motions they are true artisans. Ritual bars are even labeled with a harvest Date and a Batch #.  These bars are big bold expressions  definitely Rock & Roll.  Make a point to put Ritual on your “Chocolate Bucket List”

3 Of Our Favorite Bars From Ritual Chocolate
Ritual Chocolates The Nib Bar