Minimum Artisan Foods Craft Chocolate and Ritrovo
Ritrovo Selections is one of our 2 favorite importers of artisan Italian Foods.  The meals in a jar are very satisfying and because the produce is essentially heirloom Non GMO and organic then packed in real Italian Olive Oil the flavor just can’t be replicated.
The whole lineup at Ritrovo is like this if you are throwing a cocktail party you can blow minds and just about the only thing you will have to do is toast the crostini.  You got to try the White Beans in Truffle Oil as a side dish with just about an main course.  Their pasta and sauces are also a treat.  Traditional artisan pastas are air dried and provide a different texture and flavor than we are accustomed to here in the states.  It tastes like real food. It plumps up in the pot and absorbs the sauce better.  It is a closer approximation to when they used to make pasta as a staple and dry it in the streets for days. Their pasta sauces are a treat rivaling anything we have ever tasted out of a jar.
Ritrovo Selections Italian Regional Foods
If you are not familiar with Ritrovo try it out.  Remember you can assort chocolate, mixology supplies and all of our artisan foods to reach $75 and the Shipping Is Free.

Think about this if you live on the coast?  Go to your favorite fish monger and if he has fresh Swordfish get a 1 lb. steak to share with some one you like. Coat your swordfish steak with some great EVOO from Viola and dust with coarse sea salt and pepper.   Sear on a medium hot grill till medium rare.  While the fish is on the grill… make a vinaigrette by adding a crushed  clove of garlic to salt and pepper then whisking in a 1/2 TBS of Ritrovo’s 6 year Balsamic Vinegar till the salt dissolves.  Then whisk in 1.5 TBS of Viola’s EVOO.  Toss with some romaine lettuce and toasted pine nuts.  While all this is going on warm up ajar of  Ritrovo’s Truffle White Beans in a skillet.   You will not believe what a wholesome flavor treat this meal will be!  If you don’t live on the coast you need to call us and we’ll get you hooked up with some great seafood from Hawaii.

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