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The Pump Street Bakery is an English producer and as the name implies they got their start as bakers.  If I ever get to England it is the first place I am going to visit as they receive all sorts of rave reviews.  These folks are really good at managing the details and it played into their ability to become world class chocolate makers as well.  The list of awards the have won for their chocolate is vast..Top 50 Foods, Great Tastes Awards, The Academy Of Chocolate it goes on and on and for good reason.  They are dynamic, inventive and have that sense of adventure great chocolate makers have.  In fact they are getting ready to introduce chocolate made with cacao from Jamaica.  If you would like to learn more about how they make chocolate CLICK on the image too the right.


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3 Of Our Favorite Pump Street Bakery Bars
Pump Street Bakery Sourdough and Sea Salt Chocolate Bar 66%
Pump Street Bakery Grenada Crayfish Bay 70%
Pump Street Bakery Ecuador Guantupi 100%