Zokoko Guadalcanal 78%


78% Cacao Content, 85 grams


Pure origin BEAN TO BAR CHOCOLATE. Solar dried, directly sourced from the beautiful Soloman Islands.

It rains a lot in this part of the world and cacao had traditionally been dried with the use of charcoal fires which has a tendency to give the cacao and resulting chocolate a smokey flavor.  This new method of drying allows the true flavors of this extraordinary cacao to be the star.  We sample hundreds of bars each year and when we received the samples we opened this one first.  It is a real eye opener.

A well balanced chocolate with a light fruit finish.




Soloman Islands Guadalcanal

Our newest bars, using beans from the Solomon Islands are the result of over 3 years work in the Solomon’s.

After meeting with the growers and visiting their farms, we were able to help them build a solar dryer. This improves the quality of the drying process and prevents the potential of ‘smoke taint’ which can occur when a smoke or ‘Samoan’ dryer is used for this part of the process.

Our Guadalcanal bar display lively citrus notes, with a deep chocolate resonance and lingering, satisfying finish.


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