Zokoko Alto Beni 68%



68% Cacao 85 grams


This direct trade organic cacao is grown in the Alto Beni region of Bolivia.

The chocolate displays a delicate citrus and honey profile.
Each chocolate bar is in its own little gift box, complete with gold foil wrapping, thick, rigid sides and a re-closable magnetic lid.

Awarded a Gold Medal at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show 2011 and a Silver Medal in the Bean to Bar Best Dark Bar at the Academy of Chocolate Awards, London 2011.

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Alto Beni Bolivia… HCP Heirloom Cacao

Zokoko Alto Beni 68% is made from direct trade cacao grown in the Alto Beni region of Bolivia. The cacao is harvested and box fermented before being shipped to their small factory in Emu Heights.

The beans are lightly roasted, winnowed and then placed in our vintage melanguer where two large granite rollers crush the nibs, releasing their cocoa butter, until they become liquor or chocolate mass.

From here the chocolate is conched to develop mouthfeel, tempered and poured into molds.  You can view the entire process in their  cafe and it smells divine!


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