Ritrovo Selections Casina Rossa Puro Tartufo Air-Dried Truffles


We love these air dried truffle slices for risotti and pasta. This is a great and very versatile product to begin experimenting with truffle flavors and how to best use them.

.35 oz


“The crew at Ritrovo are constantly sending us all sorts of great specialty foods from Italy.  When we go to the fancy food show you can walk the entire Italian section and not find as many unique and delicious products as there are in Ritrovo’s Booth alone.  If you have an affinity for artisan foods from Italy give Ritrovo a try you won’t be disappointed!”   Uncle Jerry

Flat Rate Shipping $7.99 To The 48 Contiguous States… Minimum Order $50 and may be combined with other items In the Fine Foods Collection.  Order $75 and the FREIGHT is FREE!  If you live in Alaska or Hawaii give us a call and we will get you squared away!

“A 100% natural and simple way to use truffle shavings in any dish. Casina Rossa offers pure local Abruzzo, Italian black truffle, sliced and air-dried. Simply rehydrate with water, broth, milk, cream or meat drippings and use in any special savory dish.”



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