Ritrovo Orecchiette Pasta by Casina Rossa


Orecchiete, ‘little ears’ of pasta, easily hold rich, chunky pasta sauces due to their handsome shape and sauce-gripping texture. Great with Radici chickpeas and rapini.

  • 1.1lb
  • Italy



Artisan Pasta

The difference between Artisan pasta and what most people consume is that the ingredients come from the finest grains and durum wheat from Italy.  They are Non-GMO and organically farmed.  In the pasta making process, producers take their time, extruding through bronze dies and air drying the pasta for 2-4 days.  This creates a pasta that is porous which will plump up in the pot. This type of pasta takes the sauce better.  In fact we will often finish the pasta in the sauce with a little reserved pasta water.  It tastes like real food because these small batch producers have slowed the process to what it was a hundred years ago.

You won’t find pasta like this in the vast majority of food stores in Italy.  Most Italians eat the same pasta you find in grocery stores in the US.  Artisan Pasta from regional producers around Italy is a treat for your senses.  It cannot be replicated by domestic producers because they simply do not have the raw ingredients or the production facilities.  It is a very specific process that is nearly extinct.

“The crew at Ritrovo are constantly sending us all sorts of great specialty foods from Italy.  When we go to the fancy food show you can walk the entire Italian section and not find as many unique and delicious products as there are in Ritrovo’s Booth alone.  If you have an affinity for artisan foods from Italy give Ritrovo a try you won’t be disappointed!”   Uncle Jerry

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