Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest 66%

The Beniano is an endemic wild cacao that grows on cacao forest islands in the Bolivian Amazon, where it is hand-picked by indigenous collectors. This dark chocolate is delicate, yet expressive – with notes of floral honey, apricot & a hint of jasmine.

Original Beans supports the Preservation of Beni’s pristine forest islands with their colorful macaws and wild cacao stocks.

Ingredients Fair Wild Cacao, Raw Sugar, Cacao Butter…. Certified Organic


Our way of preserving the most spectacular forests in the world is to offer the most delicious products these forests have to give. To give back, we plant or preserve one tree for every product sold. —Philipp Kauffmann, 2014, Original Beans Founder

This is the success story of Volker Lehmann: a true cacao pioneer & close partner of Original Beans who was the one to rediscover and develop – against all odds – the world´s first source of “wild cacao” in Beni, Bolivia. The small, tasty beans, harvested on wild cacao islands in the Amazon River, are responsible for the exceptional taste of Original Beans award-winning Beni Wild Harvest Chocolate.

Since 2008, Original Beans has helped to plant more than one million trees in regions as remote as the amazon and challenging as Eastern Congo. Through direct trade and reforestation projects, Original Beans was able to chang the lives of twenty-thousand cacao growing families, preserve some of the rarest cacaos in the world, and help to buffer forests that harbour the last mountain gorillas and the breathtaking birds of paradise.

Original Beans chocolates have repeatedly won the most prestigious chocolate awards and are served in the world’s best restaurants.



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