Dick Taylor Belize Chocolate


Tropical floral goodness in cacao form. This single-origin bar features beans from Belize. Belize is a unique origin, not often found in the fine chocolate world. Dick Taylor’s representation of these rare beans create a unique flavor profile that pairs well with late harvest Zinfandel.

2014 Good Food Award Winner, 2015 Academy of Chocolate Bronze Winner & 2013 Northwest Chocolate Festival Bronze Winner

Origin: Maya Mountain Cacao

Tasting Notes (Aroma/Flavor/Finish): Dried Plum / Tart Cherry / Jasmine

Ingredients: Organic Cacao & Organic Cane Sugar   Size 2 oz (57g)

Flat Rate Shipping $8.99 To The 48 Contiguous States… Minimum Order $50 and may be combined with other items In the Fine Foods Collection.  Order $75 and the FREIGHT is FREE!  If you live in Alaska or Hawaii give us a call and we will get you squared away!


How did we go from building furniture and wood boats to making chocolate? For as long as we can remember, we have been making things by hand. The time and care required for fitting a mortice or shaping a plank is not unlike the process of hand-crafting chocolate from the bean. We have never shied away from a challenge in order to produce a beautifully finished product. It is just part of who we are.

The most hands-on approach we could take was to start with the raw cacao. We are able to source the finest fairly-traded cacao and perform all the steps in-house to turn the raw ingredients into delicious chocolate, all in our small factory in Eureka, California. This entire process takes approximately three weeks to complete but allows us to make some of the finest chocolate possible. We use organic cacao and organic cane sugar in our chocolate. By not cutting corners or taking shortcuts in our process we are able to leave out vanilla, additional cocoa butter or other emulsifiers, in hopes of capturing and highlighting the subtle flavor nuances in the cacao we source from around the world. We hope you will get as much enjoyment eating our chocolate as we do making it.

Adam Dick & Dustin Taylor


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