Bitters Lab, Charred Cedar & Currant Bitters


  • Bottles contain 4 fluid ounces.
  • Bitters Lab only uses the finest organic ingredients for their small batch production. Taste the quality in every bottle.
  • Sporting powerful wood and fruit notes, this bitter has a lot of directions you could take it in. Try it out with some rye first, then just have fun!


Flat Rate Shipping $7.99 To The 48 Contiguous States… Minimum Order $40 and may be combined with other items In the Fine Foods Collection.  Order $75 and the FREIGHT is FREE!  If you live in Alaska or Hawaii give us a call and we will get you squared away!


Bitters Lab, emerging from the wonderful efforts of Jesse Coss and Andrea Latimer, is a local company obsessed with the old-fashioned method of mixing drinks that nearly disappeared a century ago. After debuting at the Salt Lake City Farmer’s market as Bittersweet, they re-branded and have been producing their wonderful bitters for everyone. Enjoy this local obsession along with us!


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