Amedei Crema Toscana alla Nocciola


“Like all of Amedei’s creations, our cocoa and hazelnut Tuscan Cream is prepared with only the choicest ingredients. Perfect at breakfast, as a spread for bread, or in the preparation of desserts or just enjoyed by the spoonful, our Tuscan Cream will remind you of your favorite childhood snack time treat. This dense and flavorful cream, made with unique “Tonda Gentile” hazelnuts, will draw you into a dazzling experience. -Amedei”



Amedei Crema Toscana alla Nocciola Gianduja Spread is a lovely blend of hazelnuts with just enough chocolate for a traditional Gianduja taste. It is more than just a hazelnut and chocolate cream, it is the union of flavors that brings together outstanding cacao from the Tessieri family’s plantations, and the finest hazelnuts, selected and toasted in-house by Amedei, to release all the intense sweetness of their aroma. Add in a little brown sugar and top-quality vanilla blended together with the love and craftsmanship that only Amedei can provide. 200g/7oz net wt.

Tessieri’s relationship with her farmers is an integral part of her business. “It is one of respect and collaboration,” she says. “We ask them to work following our standards and we grant them an income all year long, even if we only use the two very best harvests. Our goal is to help improve working conditions and make everybody happy.”

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