Amano Chocolate Morobe Chocolate Bar


Morobe is one of the world’s hidden jewels when it comes to fine-quality cocoa. Very little cocoa from New Guinea makes it outside of Indonesia. Most is used for internal consumption. This chocolate is made from these very special beans. The flavors found in the chocolate made from cocoa grown in the wilds of the Morobe province have beautiful citrus notes most reminiscent of lime and red grapefruit. Beautiful earthy notes give balance throughout.

Recent Awards:
Winner of the Bronze medal at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards
Winner of the Bronze medal at the 2015 Academy of Chocolate Awards


The Chocolate Maker’s Notes:  Art Pollard

“I stumbled upon these magical beans some time ago. The moment I tasted these raw, unroasted bean from the southern most part of Papua New Guinea, I was overwhelmed by the bean’s intense flavor, as well as the large number of complex flavors all in this simple cocoa bean. The bean’s complexity and intense flavor also meant that it would be a difficult task to bring out all those flavors in a balanced and nuanced fashion.”

“Art tore down the wall in terms of American chocolate makers reaching the world stage.  Amano chocolate was the first chocolate from the US  to win a gold medal at the London Academy.  Sensational chocolate and an incredible perspective on pairings which we will share with you on this site.”  Uncle Jerry

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