Amano Chocolate Guayas River Basin 70% Chocolate Bar


This award winning chocolate is made exclusively with beans from the Guayas River flood-plain in Ecuador. Historically, these cocoa beans have been known as “Arriba” and have long been famous for their fine flavor. Arriba cocoa from Ecuador creates a chocolate that is rich and chocolatey but also very complex in flavor. Its flavor notes are floral and subtle berry notes. They are reminiscent of blackberry,spice and green banana.

Silver at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards
Winner at the 2012 Good Food Awards


The Chocolate Maker’s Notes:
Ecuador’s native cocoa Nacional has been famous for centuries for its fine flavor.  When cocoa traders would come to the port of Guayaquil and ask where the best cocoa was to be found, they would be pointed “Arriba” or up river. I was very happy to find a small group of cocoa plantations up river from Guayaquil that preserve pure Nacional cocoa. I used the cocoa from these plantations to make this beautiful and incredibly flavorful chocolate.We have created this bar using our traditional machinery and our own touch of love. This chocolate shows the beauty in flavor that can be achieved using Ecuador’s especially flavorful cocoa.

“Art tore down the wall in terms of American chocolate makers reaching the world stage.  Amano chocolate was the first chocolate from the US  to win a gold medal at the London Academy.  Sensational chocolate and an incredible perspective on pairings which we will share with you on this site.”  Uncle Jerry

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