Amano Chocolate Dos Rios Chocolate Bar


Amano has exclusive rights to these most unusual cacao beans. They tastes like chocolate mixed with oranges with cinnamon and clove. When we make our Dos Rios chocolate we do not add any fruit or flavorings. All the flavors you taste come from these very speciall cocoa beans grown from the Dominican Republic. They are the true flavor of the beans.

Recent Awards:
Bronze at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards


The Chocolate Maker’s Notes:  Art Pollard

“I try to make a chocolate with them that brings out and enhances the bean’s true flavors. To do this, you need cocoa beans that are exceptional. The cocoa beans for Dos Rios are as unique as I have ever seen and are perfectly suited to our chocolate making style.”

“As Amano’s reputation has grown as one of the world’s finest chocolate makers, we are often sought out when unique beans are found. Such is the case with the beans for Dos Rios. A friend in the chocolate industry was traveling in the Dominican Republic and while there discovered cocoa beans that tasted of bergamot, cinnamon and clove. After his return, he called me and told me about these wonderful beans. He said that of all the chocolate companies in the world, he felt that Amano would best bring out the flavors of these amazing beans. Soon I was on a plane to the Dominican Republic to visit the source of these cocoa beans. Not long after that, we landed an exclusive agreement and the cocoa beans were on their way to our factory.”

“These are some of the most difficult beans with which we have worked. While making this chocolate, the flavors shifted wildly. We had to bring our entire repertoire of skills to highlight the beans incredible flavor. Even so, we had to develop new techniques to make this chocolate — some of which we believe are ground breaking and we are looking forward to applying while working with other beans.”

“In the end though, it is all about flavor and Dos Rios has plenty of flavor to amaze you. The cocoa beans we used taste of bergamot, spice, and have a hint of floral aroma. So does this amazing chocolate. I am very happy with the results of the chocolate we made from magical beans and believe you will be truly amazed by this chocolate for its intensely beautiful flavor.”