Amano Chocolate Cuyagua Village Venezuela 70%


Aw while back Art shared his chocolate he had made with some of the farmers in Cuyagua Village.  One old timer said to him….. “This chocolate is like a river.” Art asked him what he meant. He said: “This chocolate takes you on a journey of flavor to all these wild wondrous places; the flavor goes on and on like a river.”

“We started buying chocolate from Art Pollard back in 2009.  To this day he is one of the most well informed and insightful producers anywhere in the world.  In fact we believe he just keeps getting better!”  Uncle Jerry

Recent Awards:
Silver at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards
Bronze at the 2015 Academy of Chocolate Awards
Cuyagua rated #3 chocolate in the world at the London based International Chocolate Awards and #1in North America.





The Chocolate Maker’s Notes:
For me, Cuyagua is a very special village and is home to one of my most precious chocolate memories. Not long after we launched, I went to visit Cuyagua’s farmers. Cuyagua is very remote and difficult to get to. I arrived at sunrise and spent the cool morning working with the farmers until their day was done. We crossed the Cuyagua river to a small clearing where they gathered round. I gave each farmer a chocolate bar that we made with their cocoa. They were so proud to see their village’s name on each of the bars.

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