Italian Artisan Regional Foods

Why Italian Artisan Regional Foods?  It’s simple there are still makers there that source ancient grains, vegetables, spices and other pure ingredients then utilize traditional methods to make real foods with a unique flavor profile and are actually good for you.   Every item on this site comes from producers we respect and will guarantee you tastes great.  Check out our list on the home page of essentials to mix in with your chocolate selection in order to make the $75 minimum for free freight.

Flavor comes from three things the raw ingredients, the skills of the producer and the willingness to take the time to do the job correctly. Our Pasta Sauces and for that matter every thing on the site comes from producers who are the antithesis of industrial food production in Italy and around the world. It is small batch, slow food to the max. The raw ingredients are either organically farmed or bio-dynamically farmed and are Non-GMO. Just like European wines you also get the benefits of terroir plus a lot of it is packed in very high quality EVOO.

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