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Tradizionale is the true…
Balsamic Vinegar of Legend!

It is very expensive because it is aged for a minimum of 12 years in a variety of different wood barrels according to family tradition.  There are 25, 50, 80 and 100 year old versions starting at around $100 and ranging upwards of $6-700.  Look at the label the ingredient list consists of one item…. Grape Must.  When you see an 18 year old Balsamic in a grocery or olive oil specialty shop at $20 or $30 it is not Tradizionale and you are not getting a bargain you are getting conned.

Malpighi Vinegar Saporoso
Condimento Grades

Condimento grades take short cuts in the aging process.  After aging in barrels for a fairly substantial amount of time they are finished in stainless tanks where they are stirred to speed up the reduction process.  6 and 8 year old versions are common and the best of them taste almost as good as a 12Yyear Old Affinato.  The ingredient list is short the best ones are made entirely of grape must but there are some very good ones that will also incorporate wine vinegar.  Condimento Balsamic Vinegar is more highly regulated than Aceto Balsamico IGP grades which range from very good to very bad in terms of quality.

Malpighi Vinegar Saporoso
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Prelibato White Balsamic Vinegar

This is the original White Balsamic Vinegar and I can tell you from having demoed it on several hundred occasions it is a real crowd pleaser.  The Prelibato 6 year is the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. It makes a stunning vinaigrette and is delicious dressing for fruit.  The 8 year is a bit sweeter and more viscous but not nearly as over sweet as some of the vinegar I have tasted.  Try a 1/4 oz. with 2 oz. of Vodka for a different take on a dirty martini.  This is the most popular vinegar from Malpighi it should be in everyone’s pantry.

Malpighi Fruit Infused Vinegar

Malpighi’s fruit infused Balsamic Vinegar are made with real fruit from the very start.  They actually cook the fruit with the grape must as they are reducing it in open kettles.  The only added ingredient in their process it the fruit.  It is true Condimento grade Balsamic Vinegar of the highest order.  All 3 make a great vinaigrette and they are wonderful poured on meats,seafood, cakes and ice cream.

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