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Francois Pralus Pyramid Tropical and Barre Infernale

François Pralus works with dried cocoa beans that he receives from the very best cocoa plantations all over the world, especially from South American and Indonesia.  From these exceptional beans he produces around fifteen pure varieties and 4 blends..

Pralus’ Pyramide Des Tropiques is a great way to get acquainted with his chocolate makeing skills. It is a world tour of chocolate from ten different countries of origin.  Treat this just like you would a wine tasting.  Each origin and varietal of cacao exhibits it own unique flavor profile.  It is very much like the difference you would taste in Cabernet, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo or Sangiovese.  Of course the influence of the chocolate maker also plays a role.  If you haven’t got the chocolate bug yet Pyramide Des Tropiques will likely set you on your way.  You will never look at chocolate the same way again.

Oh and keep sure you share this with people you like.  Chocolate pairs extremely well with all manner of Aged Spirits, Amaro and Port.  So it makes for a great after dinner event!

Francois Pralus Equateur
Francois Pralus Barre Infernale Noire
Tropical Pyramid and Mini Tropical Pyramid