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DOMORI has been a pioneer in cacao culture for a very long time now.   Guanluca Franzoni essentially  fell in love with the beauty, wildness of cacao produced on this remote peninsula in North Eastern Venezuela.  In particular his gaze fell upon Criollo Beans.  Criollo cocoa represents a teeny tiny percentage, only about  0.001% of all the cocoa harvested in the world.  For more about the tasting profile of Criollo click on the chart on the far right.  This is a fantastic guide as to what you should look for when you are tasting craft chocolate!


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Domori 100 Criollo Percent Tasting Guide

“In 2002, Domori invested in the Hacienda San José, bringing back six varieties of Criollo cocoa to light and creating a universal heritage that is unique in its biodiversity. The Hacienda San José, in the Venezuelan region of Paria.  The plantation is is a veritable international heritage of cocoa culture.It is the world’s most important centre for the recovery of Criollo cocoa biodiversity.  From there, from the heart of the rainforest, comes most of the cocoa used by Domori, and it is there that Domori’s chocolates takes root.”

3 Of Our Favorite Bars From Domori
Domori Chuao Criollo line Chocolate Bar 70%
Domori Sur Del Lago 70% Single Origin Chocolate Bar
Domori Guasare 70% Criollo Line