Ahi #1++ with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Onions and Sea Salt
Ahi #1++ with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Onions and Sea Salt

It’s called Pesca Crudo in the Med where the counters are still filled with wild seafood from local waters.  All you need with great seafood that is fresh is a little seasoning, Maybe a touch of citrus and Great Olive Oil like you find here at Crossroads.

For those of you who use Canola, Corn and Light Olive Oil or Olive Pomace to cook with.  Do yourself a favor and stop.  These oils are highly processed because they do not smell very nice on their own and they are high in Omega 6 oils which humans did not have in their diets until the last 50 or so years.  Just breathing the fumes when you cook with seed oils is not healthy.  It is why oriental women have a super high incidence of lung cancer even though they are not known to be smokers.  Oh and when you are out ordering french fries think about this… seed oils break down and get more deadly as the are reused.

On the other hand Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil are great to cook with so is Ghee for that matter.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil doesn’t smoke till 425º so there is not a whole lot you cant do with it. It adds complimentary flavors to just abut all foods and is a fantastic transport vehicle for the nutrients in the other good foods you eat.  Plus Oleocanthal the predominant polyphenol in EVOO (the bitter taste) is an anti-inflammatory that your body craves and will use to help prevent chronic diseases.

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