I have been doing variations of this recipe for a while now.  It works with Pici, Linguine or even Spaghetti.  I highly recommend doing the bread crumbs in the oven as it really does simplify things.

Bucatini with Bread Crumb Sauce

What is artisan pasta????  Well it starts with the best Non-GMO and Organic Durum Wheat from Italy.   Then the dough is slowly extruded through bronze dies and then dried at very low temps for 2-4 days.  It is a time consuming process.  The method renders a pasta that has a coarse texture that absorbs the water better so the pasta will plump up in the pot.   This coarse texture also helps release the beautiful flavor of the Durum Wheat all the while taking the sauce better than conventional pasta.  A Nice feature of pasta like this is that it is perfect to finish in the sauce.  Reserve some pasta water from the pot (a cup or two) and pull the pasta from the pot about 2/3 to 3/4 of the recommended cook time and add it to the skillet with the sauce.   Add a little bit of water at a time as need to finish the pasta.  If you are using real artisan pasta it will actually release its starch into the sauce and will act as a thickener…  all the pasta on our website are made in this manner.  Enjoy

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